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Jacuzzi® is a household name. Just like Kleenex® is synonymous with a tissue, Jacuzzi® has become the descriptive name for a jetted tub. Jacuzzi it is a brand name – one of the most recognized brands in the world!

The Jacuzzi® company actually started all the way back in 1915 by Giocondo Jacuzzi, one of seven Jacuzzi brothers who immigrated from Italy. The company started by making wooden propellers, and went on to interest in hydraulics and thermodynamics, which worked its way into the jetted bathtub business. Jacuzzi® has grown from more than hot tubs and whirlpool tubs in a full line of showers and bathtubs.

Jacuzzi Brand

Jacuzzi Bath Remodel is a division of the company that produces high-quality replacement bathtubs and showers, that can actually be installed in as little as one day. Love Your Bath is Florida’s exclusive Jacuzzi Bath Remodel Dealer, so if you want a Jacuzzi® tub or shower in your home, and you live in Florida, you need to know Love Your Bath.

How is a Jacuzzi Bath Remodel Dealer different than just a Jacuzzi® Dealer?

Jacuzzi Bath Remodel

At Love Your Bath, we only handle the remodeling end of the product line. Jacuzzi® does make jetted tubs, hot tubs and all kinds of other products. However, we only install bathtubs and showers built as replacements for a bathroom remodel. The products are built to the exact specs to fit into remodel spaces, are designed at the Jacuzzi® facility, shipped to our team on site, and installed in as little as one day. We only offer replacement showers and replacement tubs for bathroom remodels.

How is the famous Jacuzzi® brand represented in the bathroom remodel industry?

The quality you would expect form Jacuzzi® is found in every one of our products.

  • Materials are long-lasting…made of composites that look just like stone or tile but are more durable.
  • These tubs and showers are easy to clean…without grout lines or porous surfaces, our tubs and showers are a breeze to clean without scrubbing and hurting your hands.
  • No grout lines…even if you want the look of grout, you never have to deal with cleaning grout or having it crumble or discolor.
  • These tubs and showers are full of style! Check out pictures on our Instagram page or Facebook page to see the variety of colors and styles of our replacement showers, bathtubs, and tub to shower conversions.

If you’re looking to replace your bathtub or shower, look no further than Florida’s exclusive Jacuzzi Bath Remodel Dealer, Love Your Bath. Contact us today for a free design consultation in your home or online.

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