Jacuzzi Bath Remodel Near Me

Jacuzzi® is the most recognized hot tub, bathtub, and shower maker in the world. But did you know there is a specific type of Jacuzzi® built for the remodeling industry? Just search for Jaccuzi Bath Remodel near me, and you’ll find that Love Your Bath is the official Jacuzzi Bath Remodel Dealer in Florida. No other bathroom remodeling company in Florida can make that claim, nor offer the products you’ll find at Love Your Bath.The key is the term “remodel.” If you’re building a new house, you can still get a Jacuzzi® brand product. But if you’re remodeling your bath, and you want Jacuzzi® bath products, then you should contact Love Your Bath.

How Does the Remodeling Process Work?

The remodel process is about replacing your bathtub with a new one, or replacing a bathtub with a walk-in shower, or a shower with a new shower. With Jacuzzi Bath Remodel from Love Your Bath, we help you pick the design you want in your home, then build a custom tub or shower off-site in our Jacuzzi® factory that fits that exact space. It’s not about tearing out walls and starting from scratch. Our goal is to do a quick and easy remodel that looks like beautiful. And we can do that because of the quality bathtubs and showers we use, and our installation process that fits exactly into the space you already have in the bathroom.

Are These Overlay Liners You Install Over My Tub or Shower?

Absolutely not. We are not fans of this type of “remodel,” where your current tub or shower stays in place, with a liner put over the top. If moisture gets trapped in between, or beneath that shower or tub, you know what could happen…mold. We don’t go there. Our process will demo your current shower or tub down to the studs. We replace the wall board and install a brand new shower or tub in its place using the existing plumbing, so we don’t have to start over with pipes. These are brand new showers and brand new bathtubs.

How Long Does the Bath Remodeling Process Take?

The full process will take a number of weeks, but that includes our initial meeting, design consultation, measurement of your bathroom, ordering the products, and a custom-build of your bathtub or shower. However, the installation process usually just takes one day!How is that possible? Our team has a process to make this work. We demo the bath. Adjust plumbing as needed. Install new wall boards. And install the shower or tub that is already custom-built to fit your exact space. We caulk and clean up, and you’re ready to enjoy your new bath as soon as that evening. If you’re searching for a Jacuzzi Bath Remodel near me, you’ve found what you’re looking for with Love Your Bath of Florida. Contact us today and get started on the bath remodel you’ve been wanting to do.

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