One Day Shower Install

Bathroom remodeling can be a difficult and long process. That’s why Love Your Bath of Florida created a one day shower install program that lets you overhaul your bathroom in less than 24-hours. Shower this morning in your old shower, and then again tonight in a brand new Jacuzzi® shower from Love Your Bath. It is possible! But how?

The One Day Shower Install Process

Love Your Bath is designed to provide customer shower and bathtub installations in just a day. It starts with the product. Jacuzzi builds showers and tubs that are built to exact custom specifications. So, the process is just pulling out one shower and replacing a new one with an exact fit.The process starts with your initial design consultation. A Love Your Bath consultant will visit your home, or hold a virtual appointment, to talk about the shower or bath you want. You’ll look at wall samples, pick the look of tile or stone, the trim, shower doors or rods, the shower head, and all the accessories you want, so you can see exactly what your new shower will look like. That consultant then takes precise measurements of your shower or tub area. These measurements are sent to the Jacuzzi factory where they build the shower to specifications for your home. It’s a perfect fit.A few weeks later, when the shower is ready, the Love Your Bath team shows up at your home, demos the current shower or tub, then installs that perfect-fit-shower into the space. It comes in only a few pieces, so its quick to install with less seams and cracks for water to penetrate. Usually, the process is done in less than a day, as long as the team doesn’t run into any problems inside the wall (like a leak or some problem that needs to be fixed before the install). That’s how you can get a one day shower install.

The Cost?

Our showers are a similar cost to other custom showers. But you get a brand you know and trust in Jacuzzi. And you get your new shower you’ll love in just a day. These showers are extremely high quality and built to last for decades. They are also built to avoid mold and mildew, to stay away from cracking grout lines, and to stay sealed for life. They come with a great warranty as well!

How to Start

If you’re interested in a tub to shower conversion, and you want it in one day, contact Love Your Bath of Florida today and schedule a free bathroom design consultation.

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