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Gorgeous Shower Remodels

Your shower is the place you rejuvenate…your body and mind. It’s a place to relax and unwind, to think big thoughts, or to think nothing at all. So, you should love your shower! Our replacement Jacuzzi® showers are imported from Italy and are built with Tri-Tek™ composite materials, so they are easy to clean, easy to own, and easy to love. Best of all, our certified installers will have you enjoying your new shower in as little as one day! You can choose the look of stone or tile, in modern or traditional styles. Check out these amazing photos of recent bathroom remodels we’ve done focusing on amazing new showers, and contact us today to start with a free design consultation.

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Love Your Bath Ratings & Reviews

Love Your Bath is a trusted bathroom remodeling company.We’ve earned countless rave reviews from our customers in the Tampa Bay area thanks to our unwavering commitment to customer service. Read our reviews below, then contact us today about your project.


I wouldn’t use anyone else, We are very satisfied! I would recommend Love Your Bath to a friend or anyone, they take pride in their work, and are fast, and clean with good quality material! I really enjoy my walk-in shower, & my wife enjoys her new tub. I wouldn't use anyone else, We are very satisfied!

Alfredo F.

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I can’t say enough good things about Love Your Bath! I’ve been receiving their flyers in the mail for a while now, and I’m so glad I finally decided to give them a call! My guest bathroom was in dire need of a facelift, so I decided to replace the tub with a beautiful new Jacuzzi bath. The sales rep who came out, Jose, was just incredible. His presentation was detailed and informative, and it really helped me picture how fantastic my bathroom could look with this update. Jose was friendly and patient, never pushing me into a hard sell but instead guiding me through my options. He even found unique ways for me to save, like a discount for being a return customer! He did such an outstanding job, in fact, that I’m already considering having the master bathroom done next! But the best part came when Jose told me about the Vacation Voucher! I’ve always heard great things about the Alaskan cruise, and thanks to Love Your Bath, I now have the opportunity to experience it for myself. I never imagined I’d be presented with such an amazing opportunity, and I’m truly grateful to Love Your Bath for their superb service and fantastic offer; I can’t wait for my vacation!

Debra Trim

“I recently saw an advertisement on TV for a company called Love Your Bath & decided to give them a call, as I was interested in having my shower replaced. My existing shower is quite a bit older and requires a lot of upkeep, so I was looking for something with less maintenance. I had a sales lady from their company who came out to give me an estimate on replacing the shower. The quote she gave me seemed reasonable for the shower they would be installing, so I decided to move forward with finalizing a deal with their company. After I agreed to use their company, the sales lady pulled out a brochure for a vacation. She said that since I had decided to use their company for my bathroom remodel, she would gift me a cruise or condo vacation! I am an avid cruiser, so when she told me about this cruise promotion, it was amazing. The cruise was a pleasant surprise and reassured me that I had selected the right company for me and my home. Love Your Bath has been a pleasure to work with, and I can’t wait for them to install my new shower!”

Cynthia Ryder

“Living in Florida, hurricanes are a big problem, and we just got hit by 2 and have been in the process of repairing the damages bit by bit. It was the tub's turn to be replaced this time, and I decided to convert it into a walk-in and needed a company that could do it. Love Your Bath sent me an email a while ago about their services, and I looked over the information and decided to give them a call and see what they could offer. I’ve been involved in a lot of DIY projects and just wanted someone who could do the work efficiently and leave me with no worries, and I think that’s what I found with Love Your Bath! I’ve had a lot of meetings with contractors and haven’t been too thrilled with many of them, but Sebastian from Love Your Bath was fantastic and did an amazing job explaining everything and making me feel comfortable. He didn’t make it feel like a high-pressure situation, so it was nice to just be able to sit down and talk to someone without feeling like they were pressuring you into a decision. It was surprising when he mentioned the Vacation Voucher I’d get when choosing them! I thought that was a great addition because it’s always nice to receive something in return for something like this, especially when you weren’t expecting it! Love Your Bath proved to be the perfect choice for my tub conversion, and I am thrilled with my experience with Sebastian and cant wait for the work to be finished.”

Russell Carson

I wouldn’t use anyone else, We are very satisfied! I would recommend Love Your Bath to a friend or anyone, they take pride in their work, and are fast, and clean with good quality material! I really enjoy my walk-in shower, & my wife enjoys her new tub. I wouldn't use anyone else, We are very satisfied!

Alfredo F.

I am very very happy with the tub shower conversion. Our installer was so skilled at what he was doing he amazed us!!! He did a super job and gave all pertinent information in a clear way.

Susan C.

I am very pleased with the tub. It is a great addition to the safety of my home. The salesman, Larry, was courteous and professional, and on time. The contractor was very skilled and an extremely hard worker and met time limitations. The tub works well and is a nice-looking addition to our home.

Peter L.

Fred carefully explained the advantages of the Love Your Bath walk-in shower as opposed to a tile shower that I was previously considering. At no time was he pushy nor did he try to rush me into a decision. He is truly the ultimate professional. Fred carefully laid out the various color samples for my consideration. I was rather indecisive and his patience with me was superior. I am totally satisfied with the color selected and the oil rubbed bronze upgrades I chose. I'm totally satisfied!

Norma Y.

I highly recommend this company! Service and completion of the job were excellently performed. The job to put in the shower took about 6 hours and surpassed my expectations. The job to install the glass enclosure took about 3 hours and again surpassed my expectations.

Joseph B.

I cannot express how wonderful I felt when my mother, who is 89, was able to access her shower without any help. She feels so independent and could not say enough times how much she loves the shower. Thank you for providing such a wonderful product at an affordable cost.

Catherine J.

They did a great job! They were courteous, clean, and conscientious, and made the beginning process with gathering the original approval easy. The salesperson and the installer made us very happy and we can't wait to do the other bathroom with them.

Dave K.

It is gorgeous! I have bragged about the new walk-in shower. It is gorgeous! A few of my friends have come by to see my bathroom. They were impressed. The installation was done on the scheduled day. The installer called an hour before arrival which was very helpful to me.

Bruce H.

ABSOLUTELY the best! The installers that did my mom's shower were ABSOLUTELY the best. My mom is 88 years old, hard of hearing, and gets around very slowly. They were very understanding and took additional time to explain things to her and show her how it worked. I was utterly impressed with their compassion. They made my heart smile!

Carmen N.

It was 5's across the board! They were very professional, here when they were supposed to be. The people were really nice. They did what they said they were going to do. They gave me all the care and instructions telling me what to do to take care of it. They were great. I'm just very pleased with Love Your Bath.

Dorothy C.

My installation crew was Billy. He was GREAT! He called at 8 AM - arrived at 8:30 AM - explained what he was going to do - did what he said he was going to do - after he finished, he explained what he did, warranties, satisfaction, etc. - finished at 4:30 PM - left job site perfectly clean. I was very satisfied with the quality, professionalism, and work ethic. He is a one-man endorsement for Love Your Bath.

Frederica L.

It was fabulous! Between Julio, the calls that he had to make to confirm, and talking to the boss at his office, it was fabulous! The installer was phenomenal in allowing me to take stage pictures. The lifetime warranty is also phenomenal; you don't get that with a lot of products.

Norma A.

I would like to recognize everybody! The salesperson did an excellent job laying out what we needed to be done and the installers did an excellent job of removal and installation. We also got a phone call from the president of the company after it was all put in.

Raul G.

Everything was perfect! The whole process was very pleasant. The sales guy was very nice, thorough, and helpful. The installer was very helpful and did an immaculate job. He did an immaculate job cleaning up too. Everything was perfect.

Minnie H.

I was extremely satisfied with them. This is my first time seeing a television ad and calling for work. I'm usually hesitant, but the ad made me want to at least call them. I'm more than satisfied with the work. It was professional, and they explained exactly what I would and wouldn't get in regard to the project with their company. There was no hidden information that would cause an upset later. I was extremely satisfied with them.

Albert F.

I was completely blown away by the entire process and the entire organization. Every person involved worked together and they were punctual. Everyone truly did an outstanding job

Soloman T.

I would like to thank the whole crew and everyone involved but my highest comment would go to the installer the guy was very awesome he came in did what he had to do and then cleaned up behind himself and everything was beautiful when he left I was really in awe.

Joan S.

Jared was a Fantastic representative! He was on time, professional, fun to work with, very informed. And showed me just about every option there was. He worked with me to match my existing tile in the bathroom. Also gave us some great ideas for safety and aging in place in the home. He recognized my husband as a veteran and thanked him for his service. Call Jared! He's the best!

Karen M.

Tampa, FL
Marcel and his helper are Fantastic my new shower is Gorgeous these two workers are unbelievable they work very very hard and they are very nice young men I would recommend them totally thank you.

Lydia Mullen

I was truly impressed with his service and getting us installed in 2 days instead of 6 to 8 weeks. Alec and Tyler are awesome. Whatever problem our plumbing gave them they were able to easily fix it. They were a pleasure to have as our installers. They did a very impressive clean up. There was nothing left behind except a beautiful shower. Our many thanks to you all. I will definitely recommend to everyone.

Jackie D.