A One Day Shower Remodel Is Possible

The one day shower remodel – that is something that went from what used to seem like a dream to an absolute reality, thanks to Love Your Bath of Florida. You can have a beat up, dated, moldy, unsafe bathroom in the morning and have it transformed into a new, beautiful, clean, and safe bathroom by the evening. On the same day!

How does a one day shower remodel happen?

There is a process we go through at Love Your Bath to make a shower transformation happen in just a day. There are different types of one day remodeling options. Some companies just put a new “sleeve” over your old bathtub and call it “remodeled.” But that’s not what we do at our bath remodeling company. We build you a new bath and install it in as little as one day.

The one day shower remodel process

Here’s how the steps work.First, after you contact us, we’ll schedule a no-obligation free design consultation, usually at your home, but it can also be done with an online appointment. At this meeting, we’ll show you our different styles of showers – colors, textures, bath accessories, fixtures, shower doors, and more. This is where we can help you choose the new shower of your dreams. Also, at this time, our team will take precise measurements of your shower. This is key because it allows our team at Jacuzzi Bath Remodel to design a shower to the exact specifications you need.Second, our partners at Jacuzzi build that shower at their factory. It is built in just a few pieces at their facility and shipped to our office in your town. This keeps us from having to build a shower from scratch at your house.Third, when your shower is complete, we’ll schedule installation day.

Fourth, when installation day comes, our team will show up early. Their first step is to demo your current tub or shower. We demo down to the stubs, so there are no surprises like some companies do, where they just cover up old moldy boards with a new tub! This is a real install, but it is faster because we bring in the pieces of the shower, connect it to your plumbing, and install it quickly on-site. That’s how you get a complete shower installed in one day.The final step is this… you get to enjoy your new walk in shower right away!Want to learn how you can get a one day shower remodel in your home? Contact Love Your Bath of Florida today to schedule your free bathroom design consultation. It will all be complete before you know it!

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