Bath Remodel Clearwater

Renovating your bathroom can be one of the biggest pains in life. Because living without your bathroom for weeks on end is really hard. And sharing one bath with the whole family can be unbearable.

However, there is an answer to the bathroom remodel dilemma. You can get a bath remodel in Clearwater done in as little as one day when you work with Love Your Bath!

Here’s how a bath remodel can happen so quickly.

First, we don’t tear out any of your current bathroom until the day we’re ready to install the new one. This is the key. Why would we need to build everything on-site when we could instead take perfect measurements, build a custom shower or bathtub to your room’s specifications, then show up and rip out the old bath the same day we install the new one? It makes total common sense. The pain of living without a bathroom is so easily solved by just doing the conversion in one day.

Second, we don’t use the old method of laying tile and stone with cement that has to dry and cure. That is a process that takes even a team days and days to complete. Cutting tile by tile, measuring every single piece along the way, mixing the mortar, laying the backer board, putting the tile spacers in place, and grouting every inch of it. Then waiting for that to dry, coming back and cleaning it. Then you can install the doors, the faucet, etc. Instead, at Love Your Bath, the bath remodel Clearwater gets happens in one day, with long-lasting materials that are much more easily installed. Our composite materials have the look and feel of stone or tile, but they are stronger. They are also built off-site so they can be brought into your bathroom as one piece and installed all at once. There is no need for tile crews to occupy your home. Our expert bath installers are in and out in one day.

Third, our process does take days – even weeks. But we make sure that process doesn’t invade your home and your life. It starts with a design consultation and measurements. Then it goes off-site for a custom build of your replacement bathtub or shower. And finally, our crew shows up when the tub or shower is ready to demo your old bath and replace it with the new one. This usually takes just one day, unless there is some unforeseen issue in the walls that needs to be taken care of. We have developed and perfected this process to make bath remodeling easy.

If you are in need of a bath remodel Clearwater, contact Love Your Bath today for a free bathroom design consultation.

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