Bathtub Conversion St. Augustine

Do you know what a bathtub conversion is? If you’re looking for a bathtub conversion St. Augustine, you should know about what it is and the process.

The idea of a “conversion” is that you are typically converting your old bathtub into a shower. This process can go the other direction, from a shower to a tub, but usually people are wanting to swap out their bathtub in favor of a new walk in shower.

“Conversion” is a key term to consider, and the process behind it is much easier than undergoing an entire bathroom remodel. When remodeling a bathtub into a shower, you might often have to knock down walls, pull up your flooring, or redo the plumbing. First, this can be very expensive. Why change the floors if you don’t need to? Why run new plumbing lines when the ones in the wall are just fine? It is a big expense, often driven by the bathroom remodeling company to build profit. Second, a full bathroom remodel can take a very long time. Who wants to do that?

Here are some key takeaways when it comes to a bathtub conversion:

With a conversion, you typically do not have to re-plumb the bathroom. The shower is going in where the tub was, so you are able to use the same plumbing lines, saving time and money and minimizing the risk of mistakes or new leaks.

A bathtub conversion usually takes a lot less time to complete than a remodel. You simply pick out the design you want, then the new shower is built off-site, brought in and installed in as little as one day. How is this possible? It is fairly easy to pull out a bathtub, then drop in a new shower that is a perfect fit to the space. It is completely designed off-site, so it is literally just secured in place where the bathtub was and comes in just a few pieces. That is what a conversion versus a remodel.

The shower is built off-site, which brings a lot of benefits, like no mess from cutting tiles or stone in your house or garage. There is less noise from the work, fewer workers in your home, way less mess in your house from workers going back and forth a million times. And the installers are only in your home for one day – so less contact with you and your family, and minimal disruption of your life.

At Love Your Bath of St. Augustine, we will set an appointment to come to your home for a free design consultation, or we can do that consultation over the phone or virtually. You choose the style of shower you want…traditional or contemporary, textured or smooth wall finishes, the shower door and fittings, and of course, an amazing spa shower head. We take the exact measurements of your bathtub enclosure, build your new walk-in shower off-site, then come back in a few short weeks and install the shower in as little as one day. That is the Love Your Bath bathtub conversion St. Augustine counts on and loves.

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