Bathtub Installation Tampa

Love Your Bath may just have the key to bathtub installation Tampa is looking for…because with Love Your Bath, that replacement takes just one day!

One Day Bathtub Installation for Tampa

The bathtub replacement process does take longer than a day from start to finish, because you first have to design your space. Here is how the process works.

  1. Our expert bathroom designers will come to your home, or have a virtual appointment, where you can together decide how you’d like your bathroom to look. The design is of ultimate importance to make sure you will love your bath remodel once it’s completed. We’ll go through the process with you, help you choose whether you want a new tub or walk-in shower and the look and style of your new walls. You can also pick out your fixtures or other accessories, like safety bars, pull down shower heads, shower seats and more.
  2. We do have to come to your house at some point to take measurements. Our crew takes very specific measurements of your space, because your new tub isn’t built in Tampa, its built to the exact specs at our Jacuzzi® factory. The key to the one-day installation is our very precise system of measuring your space.
bathtub installation
  1. Now it’s all on us. For a few weeks, your new bathtub or shower is being built at the factory. Love Your Bath is the exclusive Jacuzzi Bath Remodel Dealer in Florida. Your bathtub is built by the experts at Jacuzzi® in their manufacturing facility, then shipped to Tampa for bathtub installation.
  2. Finally, installation day is here. Because the tub is built off-site, and because our measurements will be perfect, our Love Your Bath installers will be able to come into your bathroom in the morning, demo the old tub and get the space ready for the installation, then install the entire tub in just one day. Every once in a while, there could be some unforeseen issue that pushes the installation a little longer, which is why we say “in as little as” one day, but usually the installation is just a day.

Benefits of a One Day Bathtub Installation

It is so amazing to get your new bathroom in just one day. This means you aren’t dealing with crews working in your house day after day, week after week. It means the mess is much less and confined to just one space for one day. It also means you can use that bathtub quickly, without being down one bathroom for weeks on end. And if you have mobility or accessibility issues, faster is better and safer to getting you into your new tub or shower.If you’re looking for bathtub installation Tampa, please contact Love Your Bath today. We’d love to start this process with you. And the design consultation is free!

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