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So, you want a new shower or tub because your bathroom needs to be updated – pronto! Or maybe you need a new tub or shower for health reasons. How can you trust the online results when you search for a bathtub replacement company near me? Here are some things you might look for to pick the right bathtub remodeler for your bath project.

Go Local

You should find a company that actually is local – not just a company that has a sales force selling replacement tubs for a different company. They need to have their own employees. Who do you call if there is an issue if the company isn’t still in your area after they do your install? It’s good to go local. Not to mention, it keeps your money in your community.

Internal Installation Teams

This is a key question to ask when choosing a bathtub replacement company. Ask them if the installers are their employees or if they are contracted employees. This makes a huge difference, because often contracted employees are not very skilled, they may not know the specific details about the products you purchased, and they tend to come and go, so they don’t have liability if something goes wrong with the installation they performed.

Brand Name Bathtubs and Showers

There are more knock-off shower brands than you can count. Just because it looks like a Jacuzzi® tub doesn’t mean it is a Jacuzzi® tub. Make sure the company you choose is an authorized dealer of a brand name product you know and trust. Research the brand as well and check the reviews.

Check the Warranty

You need to look at two warranties. (1) The product warranty. Are the materials covered by a warranty and how long does that warranty last? Who do you call if there is a problem? How do you cash in on a warranty if something goes wrong? (2) Make sure the labor comes with a warranty as well. Product warranties don’t help when a contracted installer makes a mistake, then disappears. There is no one to call if that happens and a labor warranty is not in place.

Love Your Bath is the exclusive provider and installer of Jacuzzi® replacement bathtubs and showers in Florida. Jacuzzi® is one of the most trusted brands in the U.S., so that’s why we chose to partner with Jacuzzi® to install their premium tubs and showers. Our installation crews are employees of Love Your Bath, not hired contractors. We serve most Florida markets with our bathroom remodeling services. We also offer a satisfaction guaranteed lifetime labor warranty, plus Jacuzzi® warranty on products. We have to install it right, because we’re guaranteeing we will.

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