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Don’t you wish you loved your bathroom? Like…every morning when you go in there it just wakes you up and makes you feel good. And every evening, it’s your place to unwind and chill out. There is nothing like the power of a great shower to wash away all your worries.

That’s what we do at Love Your Bath of Sarasota, FL. We turn people’s bathrooms into the bathroom of their dreams. At Love Your Bath, we offer the bathtub replacement Sarasota is looking for!

By bathtub replacement, we mean a couple of things:

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New Jacuzzi® Bathtubs

At Love Your Bath of Sarasota, we are experts at replacing an old (often gross) bathtub with a new tub, and we can do it in one day. We are the Exclusive Jacuzzi Bath Remodel Dealer in Florida. What does that mean to you? It means you can replace your old tub with a brand new, beautiful custom bathtub in as little as one day. The process works like this:

First, our consultant will come to your home or have a virtual appointment to discuss your wants and dreams for a new bathtub. We’ll discuss the styles we have available, what kind of stone or tile look you want, grout colors, your accessory needs (like shower wands, seats, doors or curtain rods, etc.), timing and accessibility needs.

Next, our consultant will take exact measurements of your bathtub. Those measurements are sent to the Jacuzzi® factory where they build the exact tub you want to very precise specifications of your space. This is the key to the one-day-install.

Finally, a few weeks later on installation day, our crew will show up to your house, take out the old tub, prep the space for the new tub, and install that custom Jacuzzi® bathtub on the same day. So, picture it – you walk in the bathroom to your old tub in the morning but take a bath that night in an amazing new bathtub! Too good to be true!

A bathtub replacement could also mean a tub to shower conversion:

Bathtub to Shower Conversions

When people in Sarasota want to get rid of their old bathtubs and replace them with a new shower, that is called a tub to shower conversion. This bathtub replacement option allows you to replace your bathtub with a shower that fits exactly into that same space. The process is just like putting in a new Jacuzzi® tub, but instead we just replace that tub with a new Jacuzzi® shower.

Whichever bathtub replacement Sarasota is looking for, they will find it at Love Your Bath, the exclusive Jacuzzi Bath Remodel dealer for one-day bathtub replacement and shower replacement in Florida.

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