Convert Bathtub to Shower Tampa

If you’ve heard of a bathtub conversion before, and you search convert bathtub to shower Tampa, you’ll find a number of companies that have their own version of the conversion. At Love Your Bath of Florida, we feel our bathroom conversion process ends in the best, highest quality shower on the market. You’ll have a new bathroom you’ll truly be proud of, and one you can count on holding up and lasting for many, many years.

First, just what is a bathtub to shower conversion?

You’ve probably seen the home improvement shows where a couple wants to redo their bathroom. The first thing they seem to do is to pull out the old tub and put in a big, new walk-in shower. It is what most everyone wants these days. On these shows, though, they usually understate the amount of time, effort, and cost that goes into these custom bathroom remodels. A bathtub conversion process is simple – in a variety of methods, a company will pull out your bathtub and replace it with a shower that fits in the same space. This can make it less costly and is certainly simpler and takes less time than a full bath redo.


How are conversions at Love Your Bath different?

When Tampa locals want a new shower, they often rely on Love Your Bath to make the conversion for several reasons:

  1. We are the official Jacuzzi Bath Remodel company for the state of Florida. Jacuzzi® is the best-known and most-widely acknowledged bath, tub, shower, and hot tub maker in the world. Jacuzzi custom-makes our showers to your specifications. So, it’s a real Jacuzzi® shower being installed in your home. That’s a name you know and trust.
  2. At Love Your Bath, our installers are trained professionals. They work for us, installing new tubs and showers every day, so they know exactly what to do – our process, our products, and how to do the job right. They are courteous, they will respect you, your family and your home, and they will do the job on time.
  3. Our process. It’s what makes the conversion process with Love Your Bath work so smoothly. It starts with a consultation. We find out what kind of bathroom design you really like – modern or traditional? Stone or tile? Then we take very specific measurements of your bathtub so we can have our Jacuzzi® factory build a shower to fit the exact specifications. When the shower is ready and shipped to us, we set our installation day, and install your new shower in as little as just one day!
  4. Our products come with warranties that can’t be beat, so you know you’re going to have a quality shower in your home. And we’re local, so we’re here if there ever is an issue.

So, remember when doing that convert bathtub to shower Tampa search on your phone or computer, be sure to visit, and schedule us for a free design consultation. We want you to love your new shower and your home. That’s what we live for.

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