Florida Bath Remodel

Do you love your home? Or really want to love your home? Maybe you’ve remodeled your kitchen, and it just makes you feel good every time you’re in it. But what about your bathroom? Do you love your bath?

That’s why we exist at Love Your Bath – to help people love their homes and their baths. We make Florida bath remodel a thing of ease and enjoyment, installing new Jacuzzi® bathtubs and showers in as little as one day. Love Your Bath is the exclusive Florida dealer for Jacuzzi Bath Remodel. We do everything in our power to make the entire process simple and fast.

Remodeling your bath can be a painstaking process and can go on for months. You could rip out the walls, bust up the foundation to re-route plumbing, and strip the entire bathroom down to the studs. You could. But if you’ve ever seen a remodeling program on home and garden TV, you can see how difficult it can be. Those couples are barely even married by the end of an episode!

That’s NOT what we do at Love Your Bath. We help people all over Florida with their bath remodeling jobs, by replacing their old tubs and showers with beautiful, modern, designer Jacuzzi® tubs and showers. Our custom-built showers and tubs fit exactly to your current space, so you don’t have to tear out the entire bathroom just to convert your old tub into a new shower. You pick out the style of tub or shower that is perfect for your room – including the look and feel and color and accessories. We build it at the factory exactly to spec, then ship it in and install it in as little as one day. So, you can love your bath, and still get along with the ones you share that bathroom with!

We are happy to offer our Florida bath remodel services in the following areas:

Plus, towns and cities in between these areas.

The pain of bath remodeling is now a thing of the past. We want everyone in Florida to Love Your Bath, so call us or complete our form online to schedule a free design consultation at your home.

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