Getting a 5-Star Bathroom Remodel Without Burning a Hole Through Your Pocket

The bathrooms are one of the main areas of the home that are used the most frequently and significantly contribute to the value and appeal of the home. Over time, the rooms can become outdated and can lack functionality, making it necessary to perform a remodel. There are a few tips to follow to get a five-star bathroom remodel without burning a hole in your pocket. Reface the CabinetsInstead of installing new cabinets in your bathroom, opt for refacing the cabinets that are already in place if they're still in good shape. This can allow you to transform the look and style of the materials without spending as much money. Consider adding a fresh coat of paint and new hardware to create a modern and contemporary look.

Do Some of the Demo Yourself

Whether you need to break down walls or tear out the old tiles, you can save a lot of money doing the demo work yourself. Instead, hire a professional to install the new materials to ensure you can rely on their skills to make the final product look stunning.

Install New Lighting

The lighting is one of the main focal points in the bathroom that will set the style and theme of the space. Fortunately, lighting isn't too expensive to purchase if you shop around. Purchase brass lights to install over the sink, which can look chic and luxurious. You can even add Edison bulbs to create a more striking look without spending too much.When you know a few important tips and tricks to create a stunning bathroom while on a budget, you can execute your vision while saving thousands of dollars in the process. You can feel proud to show your guests the transformation without spending more than you expected.

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