How to Make Your Shower More Accessible

Whether you are dealing with mobility issues, you have an aging family member living in your home, or you simply want to enjoy a comfortable and convenient bathing experience, it may be necessary to invest in adjustments that will make your shower more accessible. With a walk in shower installation from Love Your Bath, you can count on having a broad range of options at your fingertips to adapt your shower to your needs.

Our shower remodel experts will provide flawless installation of high-quality products as well as guidance and advice on choosing the best features for addressing your concerns. The final result is sure to make a world of difference to your daily routine and enable every member of your household to bathe in a comfortable and independent manner.

Assessing Your Needs for a Walk In Shower

There are several things to take into account if you want to plan for the perfect walk in shower. First, it’s important to take a close look at the accessibility needs of your family. Conventional showers can pose a number of difficulties for those with mobility constraints or issues with balance and strength.

For example, you may find that you have trouble lifting your leg over the threshold of your bathing area, or perhaps an aging parent struggles to remain standing while bathing. You may also worry about the potential for slips and falls or strain to direct the flow of water as needed.

Take these issues into consideration as you conduct a thorough assessment of your existing shower set-up. We recommend noting down any of the following problems so that you know exactly how you want to adapt your shower during your upcoming remodel:

·       Challenging entry and exit points

·       Uneven flooring or the presence of cracks and chips

·       Space constraints that make safe bathing difficult

·       Faulty or inadequate lighting

·       Issues with shower head fixtures

Understanding Your Options for Enhanced Accessibility

At Love Your Bath, we have an extensive range of customizable options available that you can use to tailor your shower to offer a comfortable, convenient, and safe bathing experience. Below are some of the many areas in which customization is possible.

Eliminate Barriers

With the right adjustments, you can eliminate the need to risk your balance by raising your leg over a high threshold when entering and exiting the bathing area. Whether you opt for a low shower basin or a walk in tub with side doors, doing away with barriers to entry is one of the most important changes to be made when improving the accessibility of your shower.

Promote Stability

We can enhance your stability during the bathing process in a number of ways. Some of the most popular options include the installation of grab bars and handrails. Using our design expertise, we will propose strategic locations for the installation of these features to promote accessibility. Furthermore, you can trust that our products are sturdy and made of high-quality materials, ensuring they can securely bear weight.

Install Comfortable Seating

You can easily shower in a seated position when you have seating options flawlessly integrated into your walk in shower. This feature can be a lifesaver for those who are dealing with strength issues or have a heightened risk of falls. They can also be convenient for shaving or simply make showering a less tiresome and more relaxing activity.

Available options range from built-in benches to seats that fold up and down when space is limited. Of course, you can trust us to make certain seating is installed at the proper height for your needs and is made from durable materials that can stand up to constant exposure to moisture.

Adjust Flooring and Drainage

Flooring also plays a crucial role in your shower experience. Most flooring types are slippery when wet, which can pose a number of safety issues for those with mobility challenges.

During your shower remodel, we can install slip-resistant flooring that promotes peace of mind and creates an all-around safer bathing environment. We will also consider the importance of proper drainage during your shower installation to minimize the presence of pooling water that could contribute to slips, mold growth, and other concerns.

Integrate Flexible Shower Heads

Don’t let your shower head dictate how you bathe. If your current set-up only has a wall-mounted shower head, you may not have the level of flexibility needed to bathe in a safe and comprehensive fashion. Fortunately, there are a wide range of versatile shower heads on the market, including handheld models that can be used on their own or integrated with a wall-mounted or rainfall shower to meet the needs of every member of your family.

Choose Love Your Bath for an Accessible Walk In Shower

Our shower remodel experts are passionate about making bathing an experience that is not only comfortable and convenient, but also safe and secure for those who frequently encounter safety hazards in the bathroom.

Simply contact Love Your Bath today if you would like to learn more about how we can improve the accessibility of your bathing area through a customized walk in shower installation!

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