How to Pick a Local Contractor for Your Bathroom Remodel Project

After a bathroom remodel, the results you get are instant and highly personal. There is so much that goes into a remodel, including installation of a new bathtub, bathroom vanity, countertop, and storage. You also get a fresh coat of paint. The remodel instantly increases the value of your home, but you need the right contractor to ensure the remodel is successful. To pick a contractor that meets your remodel needs, interview at least three contractors and review their previous work.

Consider the following to pick a contractor that serves you right:

Phone Interviews

Pick about three or more top contractors in your area and interview them on phone. During the interview, ask for references, experience, expertise, licensure and insurance, certifications, and payment expectations. From their answers, you can narrow down your choices until you have two to vet. Vet the two with more questions and visit some of the sites where they have projects. During the vetting stage, give as much information to the contractor as possible. This should include your budget, timelines, design and styles, and placement of different items among others.

Get Estimates

It is important to get written estimates from top contractors. The quote should be as detailed as possible with items such as total project cost, scope of work, site plan, payment schedules, express limited warranty, change order clause, procedural list for closeout, and dispute resolution clause. Although price alone cannot help you choose the right contractor, it should guide you on the appropriateness of your budget.

Specialty, Services, and Credentials

You need a contractor who specializes on bathroom remodeling. A bathroom remodel contractor will have the permits, the tools, and the knowledge needed to handle your project. You will have the peace of mind knowing that the contractor can handle your job. If you pick a general contractor, they may not have the hands-on experience you need for the job. Once you choose a contractor, ask them about their services in relation to the kind or remodel you are looking for. This will help you know the skills and abilities of the contractor you choose.


Do not forget to consider their professionalism and friendliness before you hire them. This way, they will be easy to work with. Having several choices makes it easy to pick the right one. Also, ask for recommendations.

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