One Day Bathroom Remodel Tampa

Remodeling your bathroom can make a huge difference in both the aesthetics and functionality of your home. It can even increase the resale value. But is the one day bathroom remodel Tampa wants really possible? Should you even trust your home to a one day remodel?

The answer is a simple yes, and a simple no.

One Day Bathroom Remodel Options

There are a couple of choices when it comes to redoing your shower or tub in a day’s time. The first is what we’ll call the “cover up” method. This is a version of a “remodel” (heavy on the quotes here!) whereby nothing is really changed in your bathroom. The tub still stays there. Plumbing doesn’t move. Nothing really changes. Except a bathroom remodeling company will place a new cover over your bathtub. Literally a tub insert over the top of your current tub – think of it like a slipcover over an old couch. It is laid in place with your old tub beneath. Aesthetically, it can definitely look better than a dated, mold-covered tub. But that old tub is still beneath the new fitting. This is not just a cover up for problems, but very disconcerting that your old problems are still there, and you can’t even see what’s going on with it.

The second option is whereby a remodeler will measure your space, build your new tub or shower to the specs of your bathroom, then replace your old tub or shower with a new one. Your tub or shower are removed the same day the new one is installed. To do it in just a day, the plumbing will all have to line up, or just have minimal changes. And the shower does have to be built off-site, so this isn’t a tile-by-tile install. Still, it does allow you to make a massive transformation to your bathroom, aesthetically and functionally, with minimal downtime. Old shower in the morning, new shower that evening!

after image from a one day bathroom remodel
before image of an ugly bathroom

A One Day Bathroom Remodel Tampa Can Trust!

At Love Your Bath of Tampa, we do the second option of one day bath remodels, and we do it very well! Love Your Bath is the official Jacuzzi Bath Remodel dealer in Florida, so not only can we replace your tub or shower in a day, but we do so with one of the premier brands in the world – Jacuzzi®! Our expert team of qualified installers will replace your tub with a new tub, or your tub with a shower, and do it in just a day. Like mentioned above, we’ll already have taken very specific measurements of your bathroom, consulted with you on the style of shower or bathtub you want, and built that shower or tub at the Jacuzzi® factory. Then on install day, our crew comes to your home, demos the old bath, and installs the new one in the same day. Fast, affordable, and a company Tampa can trust.

Contact Love Your Bath of Tampa, FL, today to start the process for your home, that ends in a one day bathroom transformation!

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