Shower Remodel Orlando

The shower remodel Orlando has been waiting for has come to town – as Love Your Bath of Orlando is now accepting new orders of one day shower and bathtub remodeling projects in Orlando. The aftermarket home services business may be really busy right now, but at Love Your Bath, we are staffed-up and ready to turn your old bathroom into the bath oasis of your dreams.

What kind of showers and tubs does Love Your Bath install?

Love Your Bath of Orlando is the official Jacuzzi Bath Remodel dealer in the area, and actually the exclusive dealer in all of Florida. Why is this so special? Because it’s a Jacuzzi® – literally so well known that it is seen as the essential when wanting a spa bath or shower. Our Jacuzzi® tubs and showers are so well built they will last for years and years. The colors hold. They have less chance of cracking or breaking. The seals hold. And they’ll retain their beauty for years.

shower remodel in florida

What materials are our tubs and showers made of?​

Our tubs and showers at Love Your Bath are made of a synthetic material that is extremely durable, and it looks just like tile or stone, but comes with none of the problems those materials bring. It doesn’t crack. It doesn’t scratch. The colors don’t fade. And it is resistant to mold and mildew. Our materials are also easy to clean and stay clean.

How does the remodeling process work?

Because we are a Jacuzzi Bath Remodel dealer, it means we have access to the incredible showers Jacuzzi® makes, and the process to make it happen fast. We definitely have the process down to a science – including a design consultation where you choose the type of materials and finish and colors for your shower, plus all the fixtures and accessories. Our crew also takes measurements of your tub or shower, so the new shower or tub to shower conversion can be built. Next, your shower is custom-built at our factory off-site, so there is no mess for you to deal with. Finally, installation day arrives and we demo your old bath or shower and install the new one in as little as one day. It is so easy.

How do you get started?

Just complete our form online to get started. Or if you’d like to someone at our Love Your Bath shower remodel Orlando local office, just give us a call. We love helping you love your bath.

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