What are Tub to Shower Conversions?

Shower conversions is an odd term. What is a shower converting to? What did it used to be?

Shower conversions simply mean turning your bathtub into a shower. It is really common when you watch a remodeling show on HGTV or DIY. No one seems to want a bathtub these days on those shows. Instead, they want an easy to get in and out of shower, with a big glass shower door, and a beautiful shower head.

At Love Your Bath of Florida, we perform shower conversions every day to help remodel bathrooms throughout the state. We are the exclusive Jacuzzi Bath Remodel Dealer in Florida, converting old bathtubs in high quality Jacuzzi® showers.

Here’s how it works:

Love Your Bath sets an appointment to come to your home for a free design consultation, or we can do that consultation over the phone. You can pick out the style of shower you want…with the look of stone or tile, the type of shower door you want, accessories to add to the shower, and of course, the ultimate spa shower head. Eventually, we need to get into your bathroom to take the exact measurements of your bathtub enclosure so we can build the custom shower for that space.

The next step takes no work on your part. We send our measurements to Jacuzzi® to build a custom shower for your space, which allows us to convert that space you had for your tub into a shower.

Finally, the shower arrives, and we set an installation date. On installation day, we usually are able to complete the entire conversion in just one day. We show up early, tear out the old tub down to the studs, bring in the new shower, connect the plumbing, get it perfectly installed and ready to use almost immediately. You literally convert your old bathtub into a shower in as little as one day.


This is more than a shower conversion. It’s more like a bathroom makeover that happens in one day and is beautiful and amazing!

If you’re wanting to convert your bathtub into a shower, contact Love Your Bath today for a free design consultation. You’ll get your quote the same day, then get your shower conversions completed in one day!

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