Brian Wand

Jacuzzi Design Consultant

Being with Jacuzzi for the past year and a half, Brian Wand has gained many happy customers by specializing in both shower and bath remodeling. Brian's passion to create the best customer service experience is undeniable. Paying attention to exactly what the customer wants and needs is his priority. He has had the joy of transforming countless bathrooms of all shapes and sizes into the bathrooms of your dreams. Maintaining the excellence standard that Jacuzzi strives for is his ultimate goal. Brian sets the bar high here with top-tier customer service provided overall.

Brian has a Master's in Organizational Change Leadership from University of Wisconsin as well as his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration for Marketing from University of Wisconsin. Brian has 10+ years’ experience in customer service and has many testimonials from satisfied homeowners. Brian’s passionate nature can be witnessed throughout his interactions with his customers. He treats everyone like he would like to be treated while collaborating with you to create the bathroom of your dreams. He answers any questions you may have on the spot or by following up with you.

Brian enjoys going to the beach, hanging out with his friends & significant other & walking the dogs. Brian also enjoys taking trips with his motorcycle and hopes to get back on the track someday.

As a dedicated professional, Brian strives to become better each day. He does this by creating trust and communicating with you to help design your perfect shower/bath. Rest assured, Brian is a firm believer in pursuing continuous opportunities by reading home renovation books, watching videos, and talking with others in the company to drive his passion for having the best possible experience for the customer.