Jerry Martin

VP of Sales

Jerry Marn brings a unique blend of military discipline, global perspecve, and unwavering moral

values to his role as a business leader. With a heritage spanning four generaons of military service and

three generaons of combat veterans, Jerry embodies the principles of duty, honor, and integrity.

A proud American and devout believer, Jerry's journey began in the heartland of Wisconsin but took him

across the globe, exposing him to diverse cultures and perspecves. It's this rich tapestry of experiences

that shapes his approach to business and life.

At the core of Jerry's values is family. Alongside his beloved wife from Brazil, he proudly serves as a

father to three adopted and fostered children—Roy from Nigeria, Matur from South Sudan, and his

daughter Liza, from Ukraine. Their bond exemplifies Jerry's commitment to love, compassion, and


In the realm of business, Jerry operates on a simple yet profound principle: the customer comes first. He

firmly believes that success stems from serving others—whether it's empowering his sales team to excel

or ensuring every client's needs are met with diligence and care. For Jerry, nurturing a culture of service

isn't just good business; it's a moral imperave.

Under Jerry Martin's guidance, his team exemplifies a dedication to excellence, integrity, and

prioritizing people. Beyond mere sales, their focus lies in fostering meaningful connections and

leaving a positive imprint on the world, one satisfied customer at a time.