Jose Quinonez

Jacuzzi Design Consultant

Jose has over 2 years’ experience with helping families design their new Jacuzzi showers and explaining with expertise the new technology behind these systems. Jose is proudly one of Jacuzzi's leading design consultants in the State of Florida. He studied Business Administration in Miami, Florida. His studies combined with his experience make him a great fit for his role as a consultant.

Jose has over twenty years’ experience with customer service by helping businesses to enhance the connections with customers. Improving the shopping experience, and emphasizing excellence and quality is what he does best.

Jose has been married for almost 30 years and is a proud father of two boys. His favorite hobby is to spend time with his family, travel and explore the world, that is one reason why he has developed an extraordinary level of intercultural competence.

With hundreds of new shower systems successfully installed, he has countless happy homeowners. Jose will listen to your concerns and eagerly answer all your questions. He will do everything to make you feel comfortable during the presentation by identifying your preferences & prioritizing special attention to details and your satisfaction.