Sebastian Rojas

Jacuzzi Design Consultant

With over a decade of experience in customer service and finance,Sebastian Rojas is one of Jacuzzi's leading Design Consultants. He specializes in both shower and bath remodeling. Sebastian's keen eye for design and detailed craftsmanship has transformed countless homes into spa-like sanctuaries. Maintaining the standard of excellence for which Jacuzzi is renowned is his priority.

Sebastian studied Finance which allowed him to work with his clients to get the best return on their bath remodeling investment possible.Beyond the impressive accolades and countless testimonials from satisfied homeowners, what truly sets Sebastian apart is a genuine passion for creating spaces that elevate the everyday bathing experience.

When he’s not immersing in the latest bath trends, Sebastian finds peace spending time with family, practicing power yoga or exploring nature. A firm believer in 'balance', Sebastian often draws design inspiration from the serene moments spent outdoors, bringing a touch of nature's tranquility to every project.

As a dedicated professional, Sebastian understands the importance of trust and communication in any home renovation project. Rest assured, with Sebastian's expertise guiding your remodeling journey, your vision will come to life beautifully, efficiently, and tailored to your exact desires.