Shalina Hinkle

Jacuzzi Design Consultant

Shalina is a fusion of creativity, expertise, and compassion. With a keen eye on the latest in interior and bathroom design and a mother’s practical touch, she ensures every creation is not just trendy but also durable and maintenance-free.

Boasting over three decades in real estate appraisals, customer service, and design, Shalina’s approach is distinctly client-oriented. Each design is a collaborative journey, weaving your vision with her creativity to transform your spaces into personal sanctuaries.

Her compassion extends beyond professional realms. Volunteering at organizations like the American Cancer Society’s Winn Dixie Hope Lodge and caring for family members have ingrained in Shalina a deep respect for dignity and independence, values reflected in every design.

Balancing her career and personal life, Shalina rejuvenates through yoga and juicing, practices that infuse her work with positive energy. Rooted in family, her designs echo the warmth and affection that define her personal world.

In Shalina, you find a designer where artistry meets empathy, offering you not just a service, but a partnership. She's not just keen to work with you; she's committed to transforming your space into a blend of contemporary elegance, practical resilience, and personalized touch.