Van Johns

Jacuzzi Design Consultant

Introducing Van Johns, a proud 9th generation native Floridian with a deep-seated commitment to excellence in every endeavor.

Van's wide-ranging skill set encompasses everything from comprehensive home improvement and restoration to the intricate art of shipbuilding. His profound understanding of landscaping is coupled with an expansive knowledge of plants, marking him as a true connoisseur of nature's beauty.

Having served as a lead cook in various restaurants, Van's culinary expertise is as profound as his trade skills. His rich experience doesn’t just end at work; family plays a pivotal role in his life.

Married for an impressive 36 years, he is a proud father to a son who not only served with distinction in the Coast Guard but is now forging his own path with Fidelity. As a grandfather, Van cherishes the joys that come with watching the next generation grow.

In his free time, Van is often found fishing or immersed in his love for crafting and repurposing. His passion for orchids stands out, painting a picture of a man who appreciates the finer things in life.Above all, Van is known for his conscientious nature and unwavering moral compass.

His consistent endeavor to help and always do the right thing in any situation not only speaks to his character, but also promises a trustworthy and genuine relationship for all prospective clients.